“I was lucky enough to hire Emily onto my UX Design team for her first full time role out of design school. Emily is a gifted visual designer and illustrator who supplements these skills with a delightful personality, humbleness, willingness to learn and a consistently positive attitude. It has been an absolute delight to watch her grow her skills and confidence in UX, customer engagement, collaboration and fearless creativity. She is a wonderful, enthusiastic collaborator and has an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and subtle approach to her insightful illustrations. Emily is a gift to work with!”—Melanie Polkosky, PhD, ACC



Awarded membership to the Irish Society of Typographic Designers.

Nominated at IDI Graduate Awards 2019.

Nominations in the catagories of “UX/UI design” and “Academic research”.

Two projects featured on the 100 Archive.

Projects were “Explicit” IADT grad show identity 2019 and “Rúairí Roo” kids booklet for Chime at Alkamee.

See “Explicit” here on 100 Archive


Art, Craft and Design Level 6 at Sallynoggin College of Further Education.

All Distinctions

Vis.Comm Level 8 at IADT, class of 2019.

First Class Honors



Adobe Suite

XD, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects



UI design

Web design, design system contribution, user flows, mobile, wireframes.

UX design

Heuristic reviews, user testing, user journey maps, user flow charts, prototypes.

UX research

User interviews, surveys, academic research, prototyping.

Product design

Mobile apps, desktop tools, B2B, B2C, jobs to be done, wireframing.


Brand illustrations, product illustrations, illustration system design, infographics.

Graphic design

Book design, Branding, Leaflets, Slide decks, posters, social media.


UX Copy, brand copy.


Under 2 years at Sweepr, as a Visual Designer.

Brand illustator, client account end user app designer, Research and Design work, two B2B product design projects, company handbook copywriter.

Led the IADT Vis. Comm. Grad Show identity project.

Creative direction, project management, identity design.

1 month Internship at Alkamee Branding.

Completed a client project, produced designs for print production.

Illustration freelance project with Melanie Polkosky for Medium: UX Collective.

Ideation, sketeches, client collaboration, high fidelity production.

Lead of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force at Sweepr.

Managing and organising Diversity and Inclusion meetings, activities, initiatives, Diversity and Inclusion in visual brand, accessibility in product.


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It's pretty simple; Eloughran is a Visual designer who does more than make things look pretty. Sometimes pretty can be such an ugly word.

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Illustration, Copywriting

Product design, UX design, UI design, Copywriting, Graphic design

UX design, UI design, Copywriting

UX design, UI design, Graphic design, Web development

CSR dashboard

Product design, UX design, UI design

Alias Editor

Product design, UX design, UI design, Copywriting, Illustration