Attendies at a conference who show interest in Sweepr, and would like to know more about how the technology works.




September 20th, 2019


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I wanted to make sure that this leaflet that was to be handed out at conferences was a real keeper. A lot more attention had to be put into the visual design of this hand out, so that it functioned first as an informative piece of print, but also as a piece of art one might hang up on their fridge; Instead of throwing it in the recycling.

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Sweepr architecture handout

Graphic design, Illustration

The finished posters were printed and folded. Each poster was folded in a different way, so that they may be layed out on a table or flat surface in a formation which pieced together the front of the poster.

The front of the poster, formed from elements of the brand identity, was imagined as a connected house. The lines were to resemble rooms in a house. The protruding shapes were to resemble online activity within those rooms. In all, a busy house.

The back of the poster holds the important information for people to view. The information was broken down into a digestable and engaging infographic, with a diagram, and key to accompany it.