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Isabel Loughran


July 8th, 2019


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This portfolio website was designed to allow a user to browse and scroll through the visually intricate and dramatic ceramic work of Isabel Loughran. Her unique nomenclature is highlighted in the navigation, and a page was dedicated to her interesting intentions of how people interact with her work.

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Loughran ceramic website

UX design, UI design, Graphic design, Web development

The landing screen was designed to house the most striking images, to give a sense of what her art is about quickly to the viewer. From there, the user can either scroll, or click on a nav item to start their journey into the site.

As you scroll down the home screen, you can browse each of the projects slowly, or quick scroll to any project listed in the navigation. The layout was designed to compliment the organic form of the pieces.

The site map was designed for browsing directly as you land on the home page, while containing other important pages for more in depth analysis of her methods.

Her work is unique in that she invited others to physically interact with it. This unusual attitude was highlighted and made clear with a set of icons and a webpage to explain.

These icons were designed to be used as signage during her exhibitions, so the vital part of her display was not missed by the public.